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Local Electric Wiring in Wisconsin

Local Electrical Wiring in the State of Wisconsin

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Home Electrical Wiring

How to Fix a Wiring Problem that Causes Electrical Trouble

Should a white neutral wire have voltage when the circuit breaker is off? A multiwire circuit has been improperly installed, which is causing electrical problems within the home.

Mary asks How Should I Upgrade My Electrical Wiring

How should I upgrade the electrical wiring and replace the fuses with circuit breakers? How to Upgrade Old Electrical Wiring and Fuses.

Why an Outdoor LED Light Can Trip a GFI Outlet

Why does an outdoor LED light fixture trip a GFI Outlet? This electrical wiring question is about an Electrical Problem with a GFCI Outlet in the Back Yard of a Old Home that is connected to an LED Light Fixture.

Installing an Electrical Circuit for a Pool

Circuit Requirements for Pool Equipment Question: I have a 50 amp breaker box outside for my hot tub, I need to install a pool heater, I want to use the same power source from the house to the box. I want to expand the outside box to hold 2 breakers. One for the hot tub […]

Ceiling Fan Remote Control Wiring

How To Wire a Remote Control Unit for a Ceiling Fan: I wired in a new remote ceiling fan replacing an existing ceiling fan not remote. After hooking up I turned the power back on and the fan motor started.

What To Do About Your Non-Grounded Outlets

My house has three prong outlets but there is no ground wire, is this safe and what should I do? How to Fix Ungrounded Outlets, Grounding an Ungrounded Circuit, What To Do About Ungrounded Outlets.

Wiring a Plug to be Controlled by a Switch

How can I have the top plug to be switched and bottom to be live? Wire Half-Hot Plugs and Switched Outlets.

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Electrical Repairs

What To Do When Surge Protectors Do Not Work. Power Surges and Power Conditioning: Surge Protection for Your Home, UPS or Uninterpretable Power Supplies or Battery Backup Units. What is a compound lightning arrester? The compound lightning arrester is designed to protect low voltage circuit devices.The low voltage arrester works as a lightning. Symptoms of a Serious Electrical Problem. How to Handle an Electrical Problem that Has You Worried. Power Quality Can Affect Computer Performance. How to Solve Power Quality Issues that May Affect Your Computer and Electronic Devices. Power Quality and Your Home Electronic Devices. Why does my neighbor's ac unit make my lights flicker? How Power Quality and Power Conditioners help protect Home Electrical Devices. Poor Power Quality and Appliance Problems. Poor power quality and bad circuit wiring can cause electrical appliances to have problems - Poor power quality and bad circuit wiring can cause electrical appliances to have problems. Lightning Strikes and Electrical System Protection. Power Conditioning and Surge Protection will Help Protect Your Home Electrical Systems. Installing a Power Conditioner for Audio Video Equipment. How to Protect Your Electronic Equipment Against Power Surges: The importance of protecting your valuable electronic devices with power conditioning equipment, Good quality power conditioners, voltage surges and spikes.

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