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Summary: Electrical wiring projects in Washington PA are best performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor, or a Certified Electrician to ensure that the project is installed according to local and National Electrical Codes. Installing new or replacement electrical parts or equipment may require a permit and inspections.

Electrical Wiring and Electrical Repairs for Washington PA

Test GFCI Outlets and Circuit Breakers Often!

Electrical Contractors and Electricians in Washington PA can assist you with:
Washington PA Home Generators and Transfer Switch.
Install Outdoor Lighting in Washington PA for Security and Safety.
Installing Ceiling Fans in Washington PA and Remote Controls.
Wiring 3-Way and 4Way Light Switches in Washington PA.
Install Dimmer Switches in Washington PA for Light Fixtures.
Install a Dryer Circuit, Hook Up a Dryer Outlet, Connect a Dryer Cord in Washington PA.
Install Motion Detectors and Dusk to Dawn Lighting in Washington PA.
Install and Repair Electrical Circuit Wiring for Outlets in Washington PA.
Repair or Replace Noisy Smoke Detectors in Washington PA.
Install or Repair GFCI Outlet Wiring for homes in Washington PA.
Kitchen Remodeling and Upgrades for Washington PA. Homes.
Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair Services for the Washington PA area.
Electrical service panel installation, fuse box replacement, electrical repairs and upgrades. Adding a new circuit, or replacing a bad circuit breaker for your home in the Washington PA area, whatever your electrical projects may be, large or small, the qualified electricians and electrical contractors will be sure to assist you for a safer and more enjoyable home. Be sure to ask about a Home Electrical Safety Inspection.

Home Electrical Wiring Tips for Homeowners in Washington PA

Home Wiring Projects Located in Washington

Junction Box Splice for a 220 Volt Electric Range Cable

How do I Splice a 220 Volt Cable in an Electrical Junction Box? Splice Electrical Wires, What to do with the Ground Wire.

Ceiling Fan Wiring for a Wall Remote Control

Installing a Ceiling Fan Wall Mounted or Hand Held Remote Controls and Ceiling Fan Wiring

How To Add an Electrical Outlet

I would like to add an electric outlet, how is this done? How to Install Electrical Wiring for an Outlet, Guide to Wiring When Adding an Electric Outlet, Locating a Power Source for an Outlet.

How I Install Circuit Breakers in Electrical Service Panels

How to Install Circuit Breakers: Organizing the Circuit Cables and Wiring, Making up the Grounds and Neutral Wires, Installing the circuit breakers.

Should You Tap 220 Electrical Wiring for a 120 Volt Circuit?

Splicing a 220-240 Volt Multi-Wire Branch Circuit for 110-120 Volts: Considerations when trying to provide a source for 110 volt or 120 volt power, Understanding 220, 230 and 240 volt Electrical Circuits.

What to do with Unused Electrical Circuit Wiring

How do I disconnect the electrical wires and leave them in the panel for future use? Disconnecting Unused Electrical Wires, How to Keep Spare Electrical Wiring Safe for Future Use.

Why a Neutral Electrical Circuit Wire May Be Hot

What could be causing the copper ground and neutral wire be hot? Power went out in bathroom and I checked the circuit breaker, and the GFCI and it seems fine.

Electrical Junction Boxes for Home Wiring

Can I use a Plastic Nail Box in the attic as a junction box as long as I put a cover on it to conceal the wires.? Selecting The Right Junction Box for Home Electrical Wiring Projects, Types of Junction Boxes for Home Electrical Wiring.

Electrical Wiring for a Dishwasher and Disposal Outlet

The disposal is plugged into the receptacle and has power but the dishwasher which is plugged into the same receptacle does not have power: How to Wire a Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Outlet: Common Problems When Wiring a Dishwasher and Disposal Outlet.


220 Volt Wiring How to Install and Wire a Baseboard Heater Wiring a 3-Wire Dryer Outlet 220 240 Volt Air Compressor Wiring How to Wire 220 Volt Receptacle Outlets Air Conditioner and Tripping Circuit Identifying GFCI Circuit Problems Electric Water Heater Wiring Hot Tub Circuit Ground Wire Welder Circuit 230 Volt Electrical Wiring for a […]

Excerpts from Recent Questions about Electrical Wiring Projects:

How can I test a 120 outlet for proper ground? I have many audio speakers blow out when there is no vol. and I am running 200 wt. speakers with 100 wt. unit. One system is only about 20 wt. and the speaker cable had over heated to the point of melting the speaker connection […]

I was labelling the patch panel at my son’s 45 year old home. I noted 2 areas of the house that appeared to NOT BE ON ANY CIRCUIT (two adjoining bedrooms & downstairs ‘man cave’). 1. Is this possible? 2. Is it some kind of fire hazard? 3. Should it be fixed? for a Main […]

I have a back porch light that is supplied by old, two-wire in flexible conduit. I want to pull new wires through the conduit, move the fixture box 18″ and wire a new outdoor outlet (I’ll take power from the supply side of the light switch). Is it code to pull two pairs and one […]

Driveway post light causes garage GFCI to trip. Replaced GFCI, no tripping for several days. If post light wires are attached to ?Line? terminals of GFCI, no tripping. Reattach post light wires to ?Load? terminals, GFCI trips. Does NEC require outdoor post light to be GFCI protected, when there is no power receptacle on the […]

My shop has three 2 tube fluorescent shop lights on the same circuit. Two function properly. The third and end of series about 3 months ago began an issue. The light constantly turns off for about 15 minutes, turns on for about 15 minutes and then off again for about fifteen minutes. I replaced the […]

. We are building a new hotel, a Holiday Inn. I am planning to install one AFCI receptacle and 2 AFCI combo in each guest room. One is for the receptacles and lightings, the combos are for bathroom and small appliances. Home run emt conduit is coming into each room to a junction box, which […]

We are bulilding a new home and would like help with the electrical design and diagraming who shold we contact? The last time, the electrician left it up to us and we did not do a very good job since we are not professionals Install New Wiring for a We are bulilding a […]

I have a shop with a 100 amp feed and running maximum 225 amp 220 volt MIG welder. Wire size is correct, 50 amp breaker. This setup has been installed for 25 years. The breaker will frequently trip when an arc is instantly struck. I will reset the breaker..it may trip again or weld fine […]

I have a Broan fan motor 120v 1.4 amp I want to wire this to a D battery i asked a battery specialist but he said he needed to know the lead..I asked the manufacture but have not got a response after several days… Add to the Wiring for a Ceiling Fan I […]

I moved wires for a 220 outlet for my table saw and did not pay attention. I am reinstalling the wires to a 220 20 amp breaker. Black to one side. White to the other. The box is a 60 amp sub panel. Do I attach the bare ground to the grounding buss that has […]

Garage circuit with three fluorescent ceiling fixtures with two 40 watt fluorescent tubes per lamp. Worked fine for over 5 years. Last week the end fixture’s tubes turned off after 15 minutes. Thought it might be ballast. Replaced fixture and bulbs. Same issue. Replaced receptacle. Receptacle shows 120 volts. Then replaced fixture and bulbs again. […]

Tripping Breaker for a Circuit Breaker I plugged a 300 Watt appliance into an outlet and immediately experienced a power failure. The circuit at issue had ano My electrical wiring project involves Tripping Breaker a Circuit Breaker in the Attached Garage of a New Home. I plugged a 300 Watt […]

Electrical Problem for a Welder My Miller 225 amp cc/ac/dc arc welder turns on- then immediately shuts down. It was given to me via a debt, is very dust My electrical wiring project involves Electrical Problem a Welder in the Detached Garage of a Mobile Home. My Miller 225 amp […]

Electrical Code for AFCI for a AFCI Outlet Wiring new townhomes.would like to use Arkfault outlets for microwave and washer. Inspector say no. saying there is no s My electrical wiring project involves Electrical Code for AFCI a AFCI Outlet in the Laundry of a Townhouse. Wiring new townhomes.would like […]

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