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Summary: Electrical wiring projects in King NC are best performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor, or a Certified Electrician to ensure that the project is installed according to local and National Electrical Codes. Installing new or replacement electrical parts or equipment may require a permit and inspections.

Electrical Wiring and Electrical Repairs for King NC

Test GFCI Outlets and Circuit Breakers Often!

Electrical Contractors and Electricians in King NC can assist you with:
King NC Home Generators and Transfer Switch.
Install Outdoor Lighting in King NC for Security and Safety.
Installing Ceiling Fans in King NC and Remote Controls.
Wiring 3-Way and 4Way Light Switches in King NC.
Install Dimmer Switches in King NC for Light Fixtures.
Install a Dryer Circuit, Hook Up a Dryer Outlet, Connect a Dryer Cord in King NC.
Install Motion Detectors and Dusk to Dawn Lighting in King NC.
Install and Repair Electrical Circuit Wiring for Outlets in King NC.
Repair or Replace Noisy Smoke Detectors in King NC.
Install or Repair GFCI Outlet Wiring for homes in King NC.
Kitchen Remodeling and Upgrades for King NC. Homes.
Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair Services for the King NC area.
Electrical service panel installation, fuse box replacement, electrical repairs and upgrades. Adding a new circuit, or replacing a bad circuit breaker for your home in the King NC area, whatever your electrical projects may be, large or small, the qualified electricians and electrical contractors will be sure to assist you for a safer and more enjoyable home. Be sure to ask about a Home Electrical Safety Inspection.

Home Electrical Wiring Tips for Homeowners in King NC

Home Wiring Projects Located in King

Wiring a Ceiling Fan with Other Lights and Outlets

How can I connect a ceiling fan to my home wiring? Switch Box Wiring for a Ceiling Fan and Outlets, Ceiling Fan Circuit Wiring, Wiring a Ceiling Fan with a Shared Circuit.

No Power to Electrical Outlet

I have an electrical outlet that does not work: How to Repair an Electrical Outlet that has Lost Power.

Multiple Motion Detectors for Light Fixtures

Can Two Motion Detectors be Used to Control Outdoor Flood Lights? How to Wire Multiple Motion Detectors for Outside Lighting.

Understanding Sub-Panels and Neutral Wires

Is it true that an uninsulated neutral is not allowed to be used with the power feed cable for a sub-panel? Electrical Panels with Neutral Wires and Ground Wires.

Connecting a Generator to a Home

How to Connect a Generator to a Home: Safe Methods for Connecting a Home Generator, Approved Transfer Switch, Circuit Breaker Interlock Kit, Well Pumps and other 220 Volt Circuits, Sensitive Electronic Devices and Equipment, Connecting the Generator.

Installing a Switch for a 240 Volt Pump

Methods of Wiring a Switch for a Pump: How to Wire a Control Switch for a 240 Volt Pump.

Plug-In Testers and Faulty Receptacle Outlet Readings

My plug in tester says the wiring is wrong, How should I fix the problem? Plug-In Tester Readings, Re-Wiring a Receptacle Outlet, How to Repair Outlet Electrical Wiring Problem.

Electrical Wiring for Light Fixtures and Three Way Switches

How to Wire Three Way Switches: Common Problems When Wiring 3Way Switches, Wiring Connections for 3Way Switches.

Why a EV Charging Station is Tripping a Circuit Breaker

Wiring a EV Charging Station: 240 volt 30 amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station, I’m having a problem with a tripping circuit breaker.

Testing Electric Light Switches

Can a Light Switch Leak Voltage? Light Switch Circuit, Voltage Tester Readings and Explanations.

Excerpts from Recent Questions about Electrical Wiring Projects:

Doing a remodel and they are having to move the main panel. In order to do that without rewiring the Electrician wants to add multiple junction boxes in the attic to reach the new panel location. My is can we use a cleaner approach by using DIN rail terminal blocks inside a panel in […]

I am rebuilding the kitchen cabinets that were installed in a new home. I’m a cabinet builder and it was cost effective to buy builder grade and then replace. My is with the island which contains a sink and dishwasher and has a one level piece of granite as the top. The island top […]

I have a series of outdoor lights on a switch that’s located inside the house. I want to add an outlet that is not on the switch but need to take off one of the outdoor lights for the power. Is this possible? Thanks. Add to the Wiring for a GFCI Outlet I […]

Bathroom light fixtures on wall over sink (2) are out. Recepticles work. Switch hot or red wire is dead. This bathroom containas Separate space with a tub and comode. The fan and light in it work. The breaker is labeled ?lights and re cepticles.?It tests live at 120 volts. The outlets are not GFI , […]

I have 200 amp underground electrical service with an older 200 amp, 16 slot breaker panel. I have 5 acres and am slowly growing a farm and desire to add an exterior, 100 amp box with cut off switch to supply my future exterior farm needs. However, I find there are no open breaker slots […]

I flipped a light switch, and though the light came on, all the nearby outlets have now stopped working. I tried resetting the breakers, and it did nothing. Stranger still, when the breaker to that part of the house is off, that particular light switch still works now. (It goes off if I turn off […]

I want to install some WIFI light switches. They are: Type 120 WiFi Smart Light Switch Model: KS-602 Input AC 110-125 60Hz 15A My interpretation of the diagram is that the positive hot wire goes to B, the negative return goes to A, the ground goes to C and a jumper from A to D. […]

I came across a thread on a blog site where the author split the A and B side of his manual transfer switch across two load centers. Common sense tells me this is way illegal. However as I think about I can?t help but wonder if you split the A & B sides of the […]

, I am in some GREAT need of any helpful advice and/or guidance!! I’m in process of installing a new submersible well pump specs are as follows; SCHRAIBERPUMP 4″ DEEP WELL WATER PUMP – 1HP – 262 FT – 22 GPM – 230V – SINGLE PHASE SUBMERSIBLE PUMP – MODEL 42082M. It also came with […]

I have a GFCI plug in my garage that stopped working. My shop A/C unit was plugged into it. When I took it out to replace it, I noticed that it was charred on the white input receptacle. I replaced it with (2 now) new GFCI plugs and both are doing the same thing. If […]

! I think this is a silly that’s asked over and over again. But I have an aluminum tool trailer with 125/30 shore line power. Someone awhile ago broke the input plug that I’m getting around to repairing. But checking out the wiring, I noticed that the trailer dealer/manufacture have the neutral and ground […]

I have new countertops put in. I am doing the demo to prepare for them. Previous owner put 2 decorative/nonloadbearing columns on the pensula. I believe in order to provide a place for a receptacle and light switch. So each column has one of each. I removed the 1st column. Removed receptacle and a 3 […]

Run More Wiring for a GFCI Outlet I am a homeowner acting as my own GC in replacing my 2 level deck. I am wiring a GFCI receptacle to each deck from an e My electrical wiring project involves Run More Wiring a GFCI Outlet in the Deck of a […]

For a My hallway light and living room light are bright but the rest of the lights are dim when i turn the bathroom light on t My electrical wiring project involves a in the of a Old Home. My hallway light and living room light are bright but the […]

Change the Wiring for a 3Way Switch , I have 2 3-way switches that control 3 fixtures ( 1 at garage , and 2 at front door ) I put a dusk to dawn light My electrical wiring project involves Change the Wiring a 3Way Switch in the Attached […]

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