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Electrical Wiring in the State of Oregon

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Home Electrical Wiring

  • Installing and Testing Dusk to Dawn Light Fixtures

    • How to Install the Electrical Wiring for a Dawn Outdoor Light Fixture: Installing dusk to dawn light fixtures can be pretty straight forward, but every once and a while there may be a problem. Lets take a look at a list of check you can make to help get your dusk to dawn light fixture installed and working:

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    • How to Change Your Ceiling Fan Rotation for Winter Time: Consider these Factors Before Adjusting the Direction Switch of Your Ceiling Fan, Locating the Ceiling Fan Direction Switch.

  • Dryer Cord and Electric Circuit Wiring

    • My Dryer Cord that is Too Short, Can I Splice the Wires? I want to move my dryer to the other side of the laundry room but the cord isn’t long enough.

  • Installing an Underground Electrical Service and Pull Box

    • How to Install an Underground Electrical Service for a Home: Electrical Pull Box And a PVC 90 Degree Sweep to the Panel, Electrical Code about a Main Electrical Service Disconnect Switch.

  • Is Your Electrical Wiring the Right Type

    • How to Know if Your Electrical Wires and Cables are Correct: Identifying Wire for Electrical Circuits: Homes are wired according to national electrical codes which have various electrical circuit requirements depending on the circuit application and area of the home.

  • Long Distance Electrical Wiring

    • How to Install and Connect Long Distance Electrical Wiring: Ohms Law and Voltage Drop Calculations, Increased Wire Sizes and Connections to Electrical Devices, Sizing the Circuit Breaker.

  • Home Electric Panel Upgrade Wire Size

    • Can the existing electrical service wire be used for a larger panel? Planning for a Home Electrical Service Panel Upgrade.

  • Wiring Methods for Adding Kitchen Circuits

    • How to Install Electrical Circuits for the Kitchen: Electrical Panels and Circuit Wiring, Creating More Circuit Breaker Spaces, Dish Washer and Garbage Disposal Outlets and more.

  • Wiring Connections When Replacing a Light Fixture

    • How do I connect the light fixture wires to my ceiling electrical box wiring? Electrical Wiring Connections for Light Fixture, Best Practices When Replacing Light Fixtures.

  • Heat Pump Problems and Electrical Power

    • How to Troubleshoot Heat Pump Problems: My heat pump isn’t working right, is there a problem with the home electrical service or local utility transformer and the heat pump circuit breaker?

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Wiring for a Ceiling Light Fixture to Replace a Ceiling Fan. How to Modify the Electrical Wiring for a Ceiling Light Fixture. Wiring a Wall Switch to a Light. How to Add Electrical Wiring for a Wall Switch for a Light Fixture. Wiring a Plug to be Controlled by a Switch. How can I have the top plug to be switched and bottom to be live? Wire Half-Hot Plugs and Switched Outlets. Wiring a Light Fixture to a Switched Outlet. I want to install a light in a ceiling to control by a switch that controls a plug. How to Install a Light in a Ceiling that is Controlled by a Wall Switch that Operates an Outlet. Wiring a Ceiling Fan and Recessed Lighting. How to Wire a Ceiling Fan and Recessed Lighting - The power source should connect to one of the three wires leading up to the ceiling fan which the ceiling fan should connect with. Try This If Your New Ceiling Fan Does Not Work. This one simple mistake can prevent your new ceiling fan from working, here's what to check. Troubleshooting Light Switch Wiring. I just changed a light switch and lost power to my outlets, what did I do wrong? How to Check Light Switch Wiring Connections, Common Light Switch Wiring Problem and Solution. Switch Wiring for a Bath Exhaust Fan. How to Wire a Single Switch for a Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Understanding Switch Wiring for a Bathroom Exhaust Fan.

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