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  • The Key to 4 Way Switch Wiring

    • How to Wire a 4 Way Switch: My old 4-way light switch broke. I bought a new switch. The new switch has 4 terminals, two on either side, top and bottom.

  • What to do when the outlets on one wall do not work

    • Bedroom Lost Power: All of a sudden, all the outlets on one wall of an upstairs bedroom don’t work. We’ve checked the breaker box….

  • Electrical Codes for Lights and Outlets

    • Does either a national or state electrical code require that smallest allowable gauge wire is 12-gauge…

  • 3 Way Switch Wiring Diagrams

    • How to Wire a Three-way switch where the power comes into the box, but the wires are tide to the lite and switch, then goes to other switch…

  • How to Install Electrical Wiring in a Livestock Area

    • Electrical Wiring Installation Methods for a Livestock Area – The structure electrical wiring should be installed in protective conduit and weather proof boxes, enclosures and covers must be installed.

  • Is Your 240 Volt Outlet Safe

    • Examining a 240 Volt Circuit and the Electrical Wiring Components for Safety – The wire gauge of the circuit should be verified. If it is found that the circuit wire AWG gauge is #12 then the circuit breaker amperage size could be increased to be a 20 amp 2 pole circuit breaker.

  • Circuit Power for Gas Stove Oven with Electronic Ignition

    • How to Wire an Electric Outlet for an Oven – Typical electronic ignition only require a 120 volt receptacle which requires less power than a conventional all electric stove or oven unit.

  • Repairs for Outlets That Do Not Work

    • The Cause and Solution for Non Working Electric Wall Outlets: This is one of the most typical problems which occur with 110 volt electrical outlets in the home.

  • Installing a Dimmer Switch for a Light Fixture

    • I am replacing a dimmer switch that controls a light fixture and an outlet. In addition, there is one more black lead that goes somewhere

  • Using Electrical Appliances in Foreign Countries

    • Taking Domestic Electrical Equipment to a Foreign Country: The safest way to know if your electrical appliance will be safe to connect and use with a foreign electrical system.

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Range Circuit Wiring and 3-Wire Outlets. How to Connect an Electric Range Cord: Electric Range Installation with a typical 220 or 240 Volt electric power cord wiring system, You may find yourself with either a 3-wire or 4-wire electric range cord. How Do I Connect The Wiring For a New Oven? How to Wire a New Oven When Replacing an Existing Oven: What to do when you have black wire, red wire, white wire, and a ground wire. Electrical Question from William about Oven Wiring. I had to replace a kitchen electric stove. The stove that was removed was wired into the wall. Does My New Double Oven Require a New Electric Circuit? My old oven has 30 amp fuses. I have just bought a double oven which requires hard-wiring 45 amp fuse. What should I do? 3-Wire and 4-Wire Electrical Configurations For Ovens. There is direct wiring into the oven that is three-prong. We are putting in a wall-mount plug-in that is four-prong.

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