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  • When Aluminum Wiring Becomes a Real Fire Hazard

  • Can you replace a 15 amp circuit breaker with a 20 amp circuit breaker if the wire is 12 gauge and it’s protected by a 15 amp fuse at the load? The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring and an Incorrect Circuit Breaker Size Can Lead to a Fire Hazard.

  • How to Repair a Tripping GFCI Outlet

  • Why is my GFCI Outlet Tripping Off? Why a GFCI Outlet Trips Off and What to Look For.

  • Electrical Wiring for a Switch Outlet Combination

  • How to Install Electrical Outlet and Switch Combo Wiring: In most cases, the primary power source is shared between the switch and the outlet, either with a wire jumper or the bridge or tab that is located on the side of the combo switch and outlet.

  • Splicing an Underground Electrical Cable

  • How are underground electrical power cables spliced? How to install resin filled cable joint kits for splicing underground wire.

  • Using the Right Tools for the Job

  • What kind of Tools do Electricians Use? My Hands-On Experience Using Hand Tools.

  • Why Is My Bathroom Light Fixture Not Working?

  • How Can I Fix a Bathroom Light and Exhaust Fan that Stopped Working? The Most Common Problems with Bathroom Light Fixtures and How You Can Fix Them.

  • Why Ceiling Fan Lights Flash or Strobe

  • I installed new ceiling fans with lights, why do some lights strobe and flash? How to Fix Ceiling Fan Lights that Strobe or Flash.

  • What To Do About Your Non-Grounded Outlets

  • My house has three prong outlets but there is no ground wire, is this safe and what should I do? How to Fix Ungrounded Outlets, Grounding an Ungrounded Circuit, What To Do About Ungrounded Outlets.

  • The Shocking Truth About Neutral Wires

  • Why am I getting 120 volts from a neutral wire? Why There May be Voltage on a Neutral Wire. Some of the worst shocks I have ever received while working on live circuits was from neutral wires, here is why and How You Can Prevent Electrical Shock from a Neutral Wire.

  • Dryer Cord and Electric Circuit Wiring

  • My Dryer Cord that is Too Short, Can I Splice the Wires? I want to move my dryer to the other side of the laundry room but the cord isn’t long enough.

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